June 16 2016  Road Trip Exhibition at Betty Cuningham Gallery
15 Rivington St. New York, New York
June 16 through August 5th

2014 JOHN SIMON GUGGENHEIM Fellowship recipient.

Road House  
The Road House Project is a cycle of paintings, installations, drawings  and videos depicting road side architecture constructed to advertise, localize and divert travel by bringing one to a full stop.  
 The building as sign and sign as place, in a road conversation, reveals the road house as a functional transition, convenience and stopping place in decline.  Search engines and websites that promise variety, significance and adaptability import a road house aesthetic of the local.  The perspective of the "road test" measures speed against stopping to look.  From the blues to fries, a big sign small business ethos features local and exotic road-tested search-and-stop constructions.  Endeavoring to bring a viewer to a full stop with painting, road house representations offer translations and remainders of the familiar, the exotic, customs and movement.