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From tour of the upper Midwest 2014
Studio Visit
FRAGMENTS OF AN INTERVIEW with GREG DRASLER by Romanov Grave To begin: A painterly fusion cuisine A kind of visual hyperbole Arresting Variegated, tectonic shifts of inside/outside, kaleidoscopic, prismatic Continuing my interests with containment and projection, I recollect myself in the auto interior. I began these paintings with thoughts of elliptical movement and return. Images of vehicles merged with ideas about painting as dynamic containers aimed for elsewhere.
Featured by David Cohen
An on line catalog of exhibition On the Lam at Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York, NY
Greg Drasler is now represented by Betty Cuningham Gallery 541 W.25th St. New York, NY 10001 212-242-2772
On loan to the U.S. Embassy in Brussels - Puzzle and Cherries
on line interview
Selected paintings of interiors
paintings by Greg Drasler - blog
Alternate Reality
paintings 2004
An installation of a selection of the Jesus Wallpaper paintings on hand painted Jesus wallpaper gallery walls.
Exhibition of Jesus Wallpaper Paintings 2005
From 1999 to 2006 Greg Drasler conducted painting courses in Princeton's Creative Arts Program.
Council of the Humanities
Currently Drasler instructs Graduate and Undergraduate Painting

Thoughts on the work of Christopher Bollas

with paintings by Greg Drasler

Pratt Institute graduating BFA candidates in Painting and Drawing.

Artist, writer and curator collective encouraging a wider dialog ..... not just the usual suspects.

Artist Writer Curator Collective

e-catalog of works from the exhibition